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This weekend, I set my mind to the task of how best to improve team performance, and a passing idea manifested itself in a small computer simulation. I have digitally rendered images of how all of you would look were you to adopt this aerodynamicism boost. I urge you to do so, but I am 98% sure that none of you will. What a pity. But I have another project on the backburner and then my army of super robots will fly through the skies like giant metal eagles in all their majestic glory ahahahaha-.

The program that rendered these, curiously, was demonstrating almost human behaviour. It seemed to get fed up by the end, and as a result, some of the latter images are not as high quality as you have come to expect from Inui Industries. There are also some glaring errors of human physiology. I fear I must keep an eye on that particular computer. I'm sure it ate my sandwich last night...


Taka (obviously you are no longer on the team, but perhaps you should consider shaving your head for aerodynamicism while sharpening knives...?)


Tezuka (you look very distinguished)

Oishi (the computer liked you)

Ryoma (it liked you too)

Momo (it began to give up here, I believe. Why it rendered you crying, too, I am unsure)

Eiji (background rendering was only 40% effective)

My initial reaction to these renderings is that, predominantly, you all look like women without your hair. If you are concerned, I do offer physical examinations, and you have only to ask. The gas will only knock you out for half an hour while I take the necessary readings.

Fuji, if you would like to borrow a razor, let me know. Eiji and Ryoma too. The rest of you I am 78% sure are already in possession of one.

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