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Re: Yuuta's party, I received this in my inbox from Tezuka:

If you recall, my dare was to provide photographic evidence of Tezuka's cock. This is it, willingly provided by the man himself, and, somewhat surprisingly, standing to attention.

Some of you, I am sure, will be disappointed, but I consider it a fine specimen. Six years' worth of real data will not have to be unveiled after all.

Interesting data was gathered at the party. Tezuka seemed to enjoy giving Mukahi-kun piggy-backs more than most would have anticipated (note to self: draw up tests to perform on Tezuka next time he becomes inebriated). Kirihara impersonating Mizuki for the entire night gave Fuji an unconscious twitch. I gathered more data about the Golden Pair than even I could actually have wanted (kidding. All data is of the good). Sengoku-san is not averse to drinking strange concoctions (ahahahaha). Kisarazu Atsushi looks very fetching in footwear. Kamio and Sengoku looked like they enjoyed their dare. Jirou looks very good in makeup (and Taka-san might be in for some questioning). Fuji did not notice most of the phallic objects being thrust at him by Ibu-kun; make of this what you will. The Kisarazu brothers would make an interesting couple. Mukahi and Kikumaru would make an... interesting couple. Data suggests that Ryuuzaki-sensei would have preferred someone other than Horio from our team to breathe heavily down her phone. There is a 56% chance that Fuji has had previous experience in lapdancing. There is a 0% chance that his younger brother has had previous experience in experiencing simulated sex from his team captain (unless his brother was ever captain of anything)

Data is yet unverified for it really being Momoshiro's underwear flying from the Hyoutei flagpole. DNA is being run as I type. Data is also incomplete on the status of Echizen wearing women's underwear. There is a 90% chance of a reward if you have any useful information. There is a 34% chance of it being a palatable reward.

My thanks, Yuuta-kun, for such a data-rich party.

There is an 89.9% chance I saw your stalker being turned away from Yuuta's party on Saturday night. I think it best if you remain at my house for another week. It would not be an imposition.

* The last week Kaidou stayed: data plans formulated
* This coming week: data plans activated

While test subject sleeps

Phase One (to test dream reactions)

Days One & Two: Play cassette of soothing, happy sounds; ocean, rainforest, kittens (will confirm suspected data once and for all)

Continued tomorrow.


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